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Ink Ribbon

Our wide range of ink ribbons is sure to meet your needs. As a manufacturer, we can offer you ink ribbons in non-standard lengths and widths.


  • Ink ribbon premium wax – C24

    Wax ribbon C24 is a competitive ribbon that doesn’t make any compromise to quality and printing performance.

  • Ink ribbon eco-wax – C3

    Wax ribbon C3 is the most competitive of the Multi-Action range. It is therefore the ideal solution for applications particularly sensitive to the quality/price ratio.

Wax / Resin

  • Ink ribbon wax/resin – CR18

    Wax/resin ribbon CR18 is very versatile, it has been conveived to print all kinds off labels and provide a higher resistance than the wax ribbons.


  • Ink ribbon resin – R24

    Resin ribbon R24 is designed for the most demanding applications regarding resistance to mechanical aggressions and/or temperature and/or solvents.

  • Ink ribbon resin – R21

    Resin ribbon R21 is versatile, offers excellent fineness and print speed performance and expands the usual field of application of resin ribbons.


  • Ink ribbon textile – RTX

    Textile ribbon has been specially developed to ensure compatibility optimized with the very particular life cycle of textile products.

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