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Our label printing company has the best integrated solutions for the food industry, from production to marketing. At Multi-Action, we guarantee your success by promising you quality labels that are sure to evoke the freshness of your products. We conscientiously respect regulatory requirements and government standards to convey information about your products to your customers. Our groundbreaking work methods ensure that you will stand out from the competition. Our team of label printing specialists is there to help you select the label that will make your product stand out in the stores and guide consumers straight to it.

12 Products for this sector

Flexible Packaging

Adapted to your product, our flexible packaging is pliable and can be stored, folded and handled in many ways. Make your product stand out with visual graphics that attract customers while considerably reducing your costs.

Shrink Sleeve

Our shrink sleeve labels wrap perfectly around your packaging. This 360-degree printing process gives high-quality results. With just one label, you can identify your product and lock down the safety seal, guaranteeing its freshness.

Coupons & Booklets

Easily share additional information about your product with consumers. Use the adhesive booklets to add promotions and recipes, announce a contest, or create coupon labels

Pressure Sensitive

Our self-adhesive label printing is one of the simplest technologies to use. Our adhesive label is applied to your product with just one process: pressure.

Tamper evident and freshness seals

Reassure and inform your customer about the freshness of your products with our tamper-evident seals and freshness seals. These seals provide visible evidence to your consumers that the packaging is intact while preserving product freshness.

Resealable Labels

Our resealable container labels are adapted to various consumer food products. They’re an ecological way to preserve food.

Shelf sticker

Using shelf talker labels to print the week’s discounts will lead consumers’ eyes to the shelves and increase sales of featured products.

Promotional Product Labels

L’impression à gros volume d’étiquettes promotionnelles destinées au secteur de l’alimentation peut représenter un choix économique pour votre entreprise.

Scale Labels for Food Products

Printing scale labels can be an effective and economical solution for your food products.

Eco-friendly Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are an eco-friendly solution that uses less paper in the production process. Get more labels per roll and save on time and materials.

CleanFlake Labels

CleanFlake technology has an adhesive that adheres firmly during use of the packaging but then cleanly separates in reaction to the caustic bath, leaving no residue on the PET flake.

Biodegradable and Compostable Labels

Meet growing consumer demand and anticipate legislative requirements by switching to biodegradable and compostable labels on all your products.

Case studyfrom this sector

Custom label case study for Firebarns

Firebarns makes and sells hot sauce and spicy products

Pressure Sensitive