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Tire Labels


Discover the reinvented tire label!

The tire adhesive label is a practical tool for consumers shopping for tires. Much crucial information can be found on these labels, which allow the customer to make an informed choice.

From the energy efficiency based on tire resistance, which allows the customer to evaluate the fuel consumption, to the external noise, which helps make people aware of noise pollution, and the tire grip, which indicates the braking performance of the tires, these are all important data that the consumer must know.

With our expertise and adhesive technology, we have developed a whole new way of producing tire labels. Say goodbye to glue overflow or labels that snag and rip!

Made from robust and resistant materials, our labels have a thick layer of strong adhesive that’s selectively applied to the reverse side of the label. Then a spill-proof adhesive is used all around the label. This process helps eliminate adhesive creep while ensuring optimal adhesion of the label on the tire.

Contact us to tell us about your tire label needs. It will be our pleasure to help you find the ideal product label for your business.

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