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Block-Out Labels


Our block out labels are an easy and affordable way to correct a label on your product. Their grey backsides form an impenetrable barrier, blocking out any underlying text, barcode or image. Similar to correction tape, these labels are ideal when covering up old shipping labels or outdated information.

Our block out labels are available in various sizes. We can also design block out labels to your custom size and shape.

At Multi-Action, we know that the business world moves faster than we can keep up, which is why we offer this fast and easy solution to correct pre-existing packaging and labels. Our block out labels allow you to reuse boxes, folders and envelopes, thus limiting waste. They also conceal any misprint, revised information or sensitive data.

Contact us for more information about our block out labels. We’ll be happy to provide you with block out labels that fit your needs.

E.g.: Label for bar code correction when you sell different products as a kit.

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