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Shrink Sleeve


At Multi-Action, you get access to a technology that adapts to your products with the shrink sleeve label.

Is your product of an unconventional shape? That’s not a problem! Our custom-designed shrink sleeve moulds itself to the shape of your product.

Our 360-degree printing process brings the highest quality results and gives more visibility than ever to your product.

The custom printed shrink sleeve label covers almost 100% of the container. That large printing surface means that you can put all the information about your product on just
one label!

Make your design stand out with our ten colour stations, which provide a multitude of choices and differentiate your product with an attractive, eye-catching, custom label that wraps perfectly around your packaging.

Compatible with a wide range of containers, our label printing solution identifies your products and locks down the tamper-evident seal guaranteeing their freshness, all with just one label!

The Recyc-Quebec regulations concerning aluminum cans significantly impacted your business, and you haven’t found an ideal alternative yet? We have a solution for you.

Contact our team of experts to talk about your needs. Whether you need custom shrink sleeve labels or an alternate solution, we’re there to help and guide you every step of the way.

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