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Pattern-Coat Adhesive


Thanks to our press with a hot-melt glue application unit with an engraved matrix, we can offer you pattern adhesives in the shape you want, adapted to your label needs.

This label production process allows for a wide variety of applications in many sectors, like business formulas, shipping labels, no-glue zones, promotional coupons and more.

This technology also allows us to create pressure-sensitive adhesive labels for all types of surfaces, even those hard to adhere to. Furthermore, glue creep is avoided with this technique since it’s possible to apply a thick glue coat while leaving the borders adhesive-free or the borders with a thinner adhesive.

Contact our team of experts to tell them about your label projects! They’ll explain how this printing technology can be useful for your business. With Multi-Action, you’ll get durable labels custom-made for your product.

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