Label Equipment

Printers, Applicators and Dispensers

We offer a wide range of equipment for your labels. Whether it’s for printing or applying labels, our customer service team has the expertise to advise and guide you towards the best choice for your business.

Browse this section to discover our different models of printers, applicators, dispensers and more!

We have a vast choice of direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers. You’ll have everything you need to print your code bar and shipping labels, and much more.

Toshiba Printers

  • The B-FV4 powerful desktop printer

    The B-FV4 printer series is the perfect office helper. Small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces with the flexibility to integrate into any…

  • Industrial Printers B-EX4T1 & B-EX4T2

    A premium range of industrial printers adapted for a wide variety of applications. This printer series has enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials.

  • Industrial printer B-EX6 series

    The Toshiba B-EX6 series combining market-leading technology with usability, reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Mid-Range printers BA400 series

    The BA400 series provides the functionality and robustness of an industrial printer with the compact footprint and ease of use of a desktop printer.

  • Large Width Industrial Printer B-852

    The B-852 wide web printer from TOSHIBA delivers outstanding performance for a wide variety of environments and applications.

  • 2-sided Label Printing Solution – DB-EA4D

    The compact, rugged and robust TOSHIBA DB-EA4D double-sided label printer has been designed to offer a low-cost and green solution for applications requiring dual output.

Zebra Printers

  • Desktop printer ZD420

    If you need fast 4-inch thermal printers that are easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage, then choose the ZD420.

  • Desktop printer ZD200

    Don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Zebra’s ZD200 Series desktop printers give you more. Zebra-quality engineering, reliable operation and basic features at an affordable price.

  • Industrial Printer ZT510

    The ZT510 includes the core features you need in an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point.

  • Industrial Printer ZT400

    The ZT400 offers advanced technology that drives versatility, ease of use and performance to a new level.

  • Industrial Printer ZT200

    Zebra’s most affordable industrial printers, the ZT200 Series provides users with effortless setup, intuitive operation and easy service and maintenance.

Sato Printer

  • Industrial Printer 2ST – SATO GY412T

    A direct thermal printer that simultaneously prints on both sides of a label; the printer has 2 thermal print heads.


  • NiceLabel

    The NiceLabel software is perfect for database labelling. It’s the ideal tool for all types of enterprises. You can easily create labels with bar codes


  • Price labeller OPEN & Labels

    Quick and accurate marking. Use it for prices, dates or for labelling incoming inventory.

  • HALLO EM21 & EM22 Electronic Marker

    The electronic control ensures efficiency and precision. This label marker makes labelling faster and more convenient and gives you label delivery without cut waste.

Label Dispenser

  • SH-402TR Premium Label Dispenser

    The Tach-It model SH-402TR is designed specifically for miniature die-cut and butt-cut labels of any shape.

  • KL-100 & KL-150 Label Dispenser

    The Tach-It’s KL series of pressure-sensitive label dispensers is ideal for all types of roll or fan-folded labels.

Label Applicator

  • Tach it 6500

    Box corner sealing equipment

  • Bottle-Matic II Two-Label Label Applicator

    Bottle-Matic labelers enable you to label the front and back of all kinds of cylindrical objects.

  • Bottle-Matic Label Applicator

    Bottle-Matic bottle labelers enable you to label all kinds of cylindrical objects by simply inserting the container and depressing a footswitch.

  • CTM Serie 360A

    The 360A series modular labeling system is a high-speed Applicator used to apply pressure-sensitive labels to moving products on a production line.