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Coupons & Booklets


With our coupon and booklet label printing technology, you can easily share additional information about your product with consumers.

Adding promotions or interesting additional information such as recipes or announcing a contest as a marketing strategy has never been easier!

This communication tool will definitely help you stand out from the competition and build consumer loyalty to your brand.

This printing process allows us to create discount coupons that include non-adhesive barcodes, perfect for your various promotions. These peelable coupons with a removable code bar on the back are ideal for instant rebates at the cash register and are great time savers.

As for the removable adhesive booklets, they have multi-panel pages that save time, money, and space while containing a wide variety of data, from coupons to additional product information.

Use these pressure-sensitive labels on all your products, whether they are juice bottles, jars of jam or whichever other packaging you use.

Trust in Multi-Action to find the booklet and coupon label solution adapted to your needs.

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