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Placard Label Holder


The placard label holder is a permanent label holder that allows for easy application and removal of single-use labels, with no sticky residue or messy overlapping, keeping reusable containers neat and clean.

The label holder can be blank or personalized with a logo or an inscription. It’s compatible with any type of adhesive and can be for indoor and outdoor use.

This practical tool avoids label buildup and adhesive residue on a surface by holding adhesive labels well in place while still allowing to easily remove them afterward.

Make any label removable! Use the placard label holder on your racking, shelves and bulk containers.

Contact our experts to tell them about your project. Our team will help you design a placard label holder of the size, shape and colour that best answers your needs.

Key Features
• Innovative coating surface holds adhesive labels in place
• Easy label removal
• Eliminates adhesive residue
• Avoid label buildup
• Indoor/outdoor use
• Can be blank or personalized with logo or inscription
• Use it with a label with any adhesive

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