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At Multi-Action, we are proud to offer label printing using state-of-the-art processes and working methods. At the forefront of the industry, we accept each new challenge by proposing personalized, innovative and eco-friendly solutions.  We offer a product that is 100% adapted to your needs, significantly improving your efficiency and materializing your productivity. Our expertise is at your company’s service to fast-track your objectives and highlight the quality of your products with our labels.

11 Products for this sector

Wash-Off Labels

Save money by reusing your product containers. Our wash-off labels meet current recycling standards and can be removed in the dishwasher as needed.


Made from durable, infrangible materials, our ticket labels withstand cold, water, and snow. They also have the punch option to simplify their use and make them easy to separate. Perfect for ski and outdoor centres.

Block-Out Labels

Remove or hide unwanted information about your products with our block out labels, which have a printed gray area on the back. Easy and affordable solution.

High Heat Labels

Our printing technique for extreme heat labels is perfectly adapted for industries working with heat-treated metal.

Multi-Layer Labels

The information on the multi-layer label, made up of multiple back or front paper layers, is conveyed both on its front and back. It is also easy to insert promotions or coupons.

Pattern-Coat Adhesive

Our press with a hot-melt glue application unit with an engraved matrix allows us to create pattern-coat adhesives in the shape you want.


Water-resistant tags that can be printed double-sided. Our technology is resistant to moisture and friction—ideal for the agriculture industry.

Variable Print

Variable data printing (VDP) can be used to print your colour barcode labels, sequential numbering, information in several languages and much more. With our process, you can also print small batches of different labels.

Tire Labels

As one of the leading label manufacturers in Canada, we have developed a whole new way of producing tire labels for high adherence on all types of tires while at the same time eliminating adhesive creep.

Eco-friendly Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are an eco-friendly solution that uses less paper in the production process. Get more labels per roll and save on time and materials.

Placard Label Holder

The placard label holder is a permanent label holder that allows for easy application and removal of single-use labels with no sticky residue or messy overlapping, keeping reusable containers neat and clean.