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PLU Code Labels


Find all your PLU fruit and vegetable labels at Multi-Action. Over the years, we’ve become a benchmark in the PLU label industry.

Our PLU labels are composed of our own FDA-certified adhesive, paper and ink, in case of accidental ingestion. These labels also come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. The glue used on our PLU labels does not leave any residue, but it is strong enough to remain in place during transportation and handling.

We have the technology to meet all your fresh produce labelling requirements at an affordable price. Reduce your production costs even more by printing large batches of price look-up (PLU) code labels.

Multi-Action also has the equipment necessary for applying PLU number labels on your conventionally grown or organic produce. Talk to our experts. They have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on the best PLU label applicator for your agricultural product.

Whether you want us to print your PLU labels for you or want the equipment and technology to print and apply them in-house, we have the solution for you.

Stand out from the competition with Multi-Action’s FDA-certified PLU fruit and vegetable labels.

E.g.: Fruits and vegetables

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