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Tamper evident and freshness seals


Reassure and inform your customer about the freshness of your products with our tamper-evident seals and freshness seals.

Our security labels and pressure-sensitive freshness seals show if tampering has occurred. These seals provide visible evidence to your consumers if someone attempted to open the packaging. While ensuring the packaging is intact, they also preserve freshness and secure your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. Our seals are customized for a wide range of products, from plastic bottle caps to food item packaging.

Look for our tamper-evident features on our security seals and labels. Using tamper-resistant packaging provides a higher level of security and builds the consumer’s trust towards your company and products.

Ensuring the consumer’s safety and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Here at Multi-Action, we print safety and freshness seals for a wide variety of products. We make it a point to meet food industry standards and requirements. Our team of experts is at your service to help you develop the tamper-evident packaging that fits your needs, designed specifically for your products.

Our tamper-evident and freshness seals are ideal for various uses: prepared salads, bulk diced fruit, cough syrup bottles, juice bottles and many more.

Contact us to discuss your needs and discover the freshness seal solution tailored to your product.


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