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What are Linerless Labels?

Date23 August 2021


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What are Linerless Labels?


Labels play a significant role in any business, regardless of your line of work. In Canada, product labelling is regulated according to the . Whether it be for shipping or identification, Linerless labels are an affordable, eco-friendly option that can save your business money.


A Green and Cost-effective Label


Linerless labels are produced without backing paper. The roll is made of a continuous self-adhesive strip that is cut by the printer itself. The result? Print more labels per roll and reduce your company’s storage needs and transportation costs.

Since Linerless labels don’t have backing paper, they generate 50% less waste compared to traditional labels. They also require the use of less adhesive.


Tailored to Your Needs


Since Linerless labels are cut to size, a versatile solution for cutting labels of various lengths from one project to the other. They are highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs.


Printing is Fast and Easy


With its designated printer, Linerless labels are quickly print and cut, and there’s no need to change the roll before printing. All you need to do is stick the label to your package or product, without peeling off any backing paper. These advantages help you save valuable time.


Save a Considerable Amount of Space


Linerless technology yields more labels per roll. This efficient type of printing also allows you to use one Linerless roll to meet your needs for every size of label. These two factors reduce your need for storage space and transportation costs.


A High-Quality Product at a Lower Cost


EcoSlim Linerless is a division of Multi-Action Labels. Besides printing, we also specialize in manufacturing. We source our raw materials from a paper mill and supervise all stages of production. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products at a competitive cost.


Cutting Edge Adhesive Technology


As manufacturers, we use various technologies to meet our client’s needs in terms of label adhesive. Whether you’re looking for tire labels or shipping box labels, we have the right adhesive for the job. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


An Innovative Company with Cutting Edge Technology


Multi-Action is made up of a passionate and dedicated team. Our use of different technologies separates us from the competition by the quality of our products and our competitive prices. Since we manufacture our labels, there are no intermediaries in the supply chain. This allows us to guarantee the best price and lead time and better flexibility and product customization. We also provide our clients with a wide array of label printers.


At Multi-Action, satisfaction is guaranteed!


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