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Ribbons for thermal transfer printers

Date26 April 2019


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Several factors can influence your choice depending, on the type of printer you have: Flat head or Near edge, Toshiba, Zebra, SATO, Datamax, Intermec – just to name a few – and the support on which you print. Choosing the right ribbon is essential for optimal printing!

At Multi-Action, we store a wide variety of ribbons for your big and small printing jobs.

The type of ribbon may vary depending on the support you use: standard paper, paper with a printable coating, gloss paper, synthetic, cardboard or metalized material. There are also specific ribbons resistant to rubbing, heat, water or chemicals.

Three types of compositions are available with various recipes depending on how you will be using the label:

Ruban d'imprimante transfert thermique

You also have to consider the core size that will fit into your printer and the roll size it can contain. The standard lengths are: 74 m, 300 m, 450 m, 600 m and 900 m, which is on a 1 inch core, about the size of a can of peasThe width of the label nees to be determined to keep the ribbon from rubbing on the printhead. Label width usually varies between 40 mm and 220 mm.

Most printer drivers allow you to adjust the print speed and the printhead temperature if the result is too pale.

For successful printing results, you can rely on our experts. They will advise you about the ribbon you need for the types of printers and papers that you use. CONTACT US »

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