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New Regulations from Recyc-Quebec for Can Labels

Date23 August 2021


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The Solution to Can Labels According to the New Regulations of Recyc-Quebec


Recyc-Québec has decreed that as of September 1st’ 2021, all aluminum cans must be labelled with paper or have the information printed directly on the can itself.

Originally these new regulations were to take effect on March 1st, 2021, but in order to accommodate the switch under the current world climate, Recyc-Quebec postponed the start date by six months.


The Recyc-Québec Mission


The Recyc-Quebec mandate is to promote, develop, and support the reduction, redistribution, recovery, and recycling of containers, packaging, materials or products in a sustainable manner.


What It Means for Those Involved


The new regulations set by Recyc-Quebec are crucial to the environment but mean significant changes to the day-to-day procedures of companies affected.

Big companies like Pepsi & Coke are already using direct printing, and so these new regulations don’t have much impact on them.

However, smaller companies, like microbreweries, that use plastic sleeves and labels are directly affected by these changes in a significant way.


A Viable Solution


Many microbreweries don’t have the equipment or space needed to start direct printing. In cases such as that, what options are available?

Here at Multi-Action, we produce “wet-strength” paper labels that especially please the microbrewery crowd. The paper, glue and ink used in our “wet-strength” labels meet the regulations set by Recyc-Quebec and are resistant to water, cold and condensation.

Multi-Action manufactures labels as well as printing them in-house. Our qualified team of technicians is ready to help and work hand in hand with you to find the solutions that are best suited to your unique needs.

Our HP Indigo 6900 printer allows us to combine your needs on both small and large scales. 97% of PANTONE® colours are accessible with this printer, including metallic ink.

This eco-responsible press can print up to 40 meters (130 feet) per minute and in one seamless pass. The speed is not only impressive but translates into literal financial savings.

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