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Meet Émile Gariépy, A Young Entrepreneur From Quebec

Date19 August 2021

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Meet Émile Gariépy, A Young Entrepreneur and Inspiration to All


In a time where new generations embracing agriculture is rare, Émile Gariépy has a refreshing and natural passion for farming. At just 17 years old, Émile, a Launaudière native, has been successfully farming pumpkins for seven years now.


The Humble Beginnings of Émile Gariépy Farms


It all began when Émile was ten years old and decided to take over his cousins’ pumpkin patch. He spent his savings account of $300 and invested it in seeds, fertilizer and a piece of land. In his first year, Émile harvested 800 pumpkins. He sold a large part of his crop to the local Intermarché and sold the rest at his roadside stand.


Recognized at a Young Age


At just 11 years old, Émile became the youngest entrepreneur invited to appear on Dans l’œil du dragon, Quebec’s version of Dragon’s Den. Completely charmed by Émile’s passion and drive for success, every Dragon decided to invest in his company.

In 2015, not long after he first attended the Quebec Produce Growers Associations’ Annual Supper, he was approached by Métro grocers to acquire his harvests.


A Fearless Young Man


Émile has always had the support of his parents. However, he has always been at the head of the business and daily operations. He took care of ordering seeds, fertilizer and negotiating with Métro. Émile has always been a fearless young man.

Émile has had to juggle school and growing his business. He would spend the day at school and come home to work in his crops, manage the business, and do homework. This year Émile graduated high school.


Great Things Ahead


Every year, Émile sees a growth in his crops. In 2019, Émile Gariépy Farms produced 50 000 pumpkins, and Émile doesn’t plan on stopping there. He has diversified his crops to include squash, which he sells year long. He has acquired new machinery and equipment, is automating certain parts of the operation.  He plans to continue expanding year after year.


Pride Among Quebec Young Entrepreneurs


Multi-Action is proud to call Émile a client and encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams in local agriculture. Congratulations Émile, you are an inspiration to us all?

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