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The Importance of Label Adhesives

Date23 August 2021

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Labels are an integral part of every business, whether they are for packaging, shipping, on fruits and vegetables, or throughout the chain of production. Why does it matter which kind of adhesive you choose? What importance does it have on your business, and how can you be sure which is best suited to your company?




A quality label is essential in adding quality to your product. Identification labels are also crucial in production and for tracking. A good adhesive is the key to ensuring your label stays put!

Various factors influence the degree of adhesive required for a label. This is why it is imperative to put some thought into which type of adhesive you need before purchasing. Ask yourself these questions,

How are my labels applied?
At what temperature are my labels applied?
What characteristics do my labels have?
What elements will my labels be exposed to?
Which adhesive is required?




There are different types of glue for labels adapted to different application needs. Here is an overview of the adhesives available on the market.

Permanent. Permanent adhesive is the most popular as it is both economical and convenient for most labels. Its value is evident from the first application. The majority of permanent glues can withstand freezing temperatures if applied on a product above four °C.

Aggressive. Aggressive glues offer increased adhesion. It’s a good compromise between permanent glue and tire glue, as it can adhere to challenging surfaces.

Frozen. This adhesive allows labels to be applied in temperatures as low as -22 °C. Its initial adherence is moderate and continues to set with time.

Removable. Removable adhesives allow for the label to be removed without leaving any residue behind. There are short-term adhesives that are removable within 24 hours, as well as those that are removable for up to 72 hours.

Repositionable. Repositionable adhesive is removable over a long period of time. This is perfect for labels that are themselves reusable without losing adhesion or leaving behind residue.

FDA. FDA adhesive is required for labels that have direct contact with food, like fruits and vegetables. This adhesive does not leave any residue behind and conforms to industry standards regarding contact with food.

Tire. This type of adhesive adheres to low-energy surfaces like rubber and oily surfaces. Once adhered these labels are permanent.

Translucid (No label look). Using this adhesive on transparent material, the label becomes invisible and gives the impression that the printing is directly on the product.

Clean-Cut Linerless. This adhesive is excellent for backless eco-friendly Linerless labels. The Clean-Cut Linerless adhesive prevents glue build-up.




The right adhesive is crucial and well-worth consulting an experienced team.

Multi-Action is the leader in label manufacturing in North America. With more than 25 years of experience, we have developed a unique technology at a competitive price. Contact us! Our team of experts will help you determine the right adhesive for your needs.

Our company is continually evolving, always on the lookout for the newest technology and innovative solutions in order to serve our clients according to their needs.

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