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The best label printers for eCommerce

Date2 July 2020


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In the last few years, the number of online purchases has increased phenomenally. Many companies have no other choice but to adapt by adding eCommerce to their sales strategy.

These new strategies come with new tools and new ways to work. With the integration of eCommerce, innovative solutions are also needed to automate shipping label printing. How can you find the most powerful and efficient solution?

Many solutions are on the market, but two polyvalent, entry-level printer models stand out amongst others.



Toshiba’s Desktop B-FV4 series consists of compact and discrete printers that offer powerful and flexible use, while also having a low energy consumption level.

Silent and quick, these printers easily manage complex prints, and they can easily be added to your current system. Their solid build makes them the perfect printers for any work environment.

Toshiba printers are built to make reloading paper quick and easy, and the parts can be replaced in no time. These models can also be upgraded easily by changing parts or adding equipment.

Toshiba B-FV4 printers don’t cost much to use. The thermal transfer printer model uses a 300-meter ribbon, but it’s compatible with many other ribbons, allowing you to use up your current stock.

These printers are ideal for shipping labels, inventory labels and medical labels.

Two models are specifically designed for postal services, which use compact label stocks that don’t have glazed paper backing. These models are very eco-friendly because not only are they low-energy devices, but they also generate no waste to manage.



Zebra is a widely-recognized brand on the label printer market. The GK420 series consists of reliable, good-quality, and competitively priced printers.

Its printing speed and ease of use make it a model of choice. EnergyStar® certified Zebra printers will help you save on costs.

Zebra printers are versatile devices, ideal for printing a variety of products. From shipping labels to visitor’s badges, price labels and product labels, these are only a few examples of what a Zebra printer can do for you.

One of the GK420 models is specially designed for use in medical facilities throughout the healthcare system. This printer can easily be disinfected using cleaning products. A disinfection guide is available, detailing the various products which can be used to disinfect the printer. This printer can be used to print patient bracelets and identification labels for medication containers, amongst other things.


Versatility and quality

High-quality, versatile printers, that’s what you’ll find at Multi-Action. Being label manufacturers and printer distributers, we use a large variety of technologies, which allows us to provide you with customized solutions for your business.

Contact us. Our team of experts will gladly advise you on buying printing equipment and accompany you through the process of creating custom shipping labels.


Toshiba and Zebra Labelers

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