CleanFlake Labels


Now, Multi-Action labels is able to offer brand owners a new way to differentiate their products and enhance sustainability. Our portfolio of labeling solutions significantly improve the rPET yield in the recycling process while maintaining the shelf appeal that pressure-sensitive labels are known for. Pressure-sensitive labels typically limit PET recyclability into food-grade rPET due to adhesive contamination. However, CleanFlake™ technology cleanly separates in reaction to the caustic bath, leaving no adhesive residue on the PET flake.

Key Features
• Allows PET recycling into rPET, reducing fossil fuel usage
• Enables design freedom for self-adhesive labels
• Available with clear and white rigid andsemi-conformable films
• Available with rPET liner made from 30%
• Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content
• Plug & Play solution – compatible with existing value chain and recycling requirements
• Passes the highest form of testing available from international trade associations

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