Multi-Action is a lot more than a printer, it is a label manufacturer. That is why we can offer you unique and innovative specialty products that our competitors cannot produce. We constantly make tests, research, development and investments in order to keep on offering you novelties.

America Label

The reference for fruits and vegetables labelling >>

ecoSlim Linerless

The label without backing >>


Selective glue

Adhesive only where you need it >>


Several layers of adhesive and material for multi uses >>


Shipping label and packing slip all into one >>


Excellent tool for promotions >>


More space for information >>


The simple and economic way to manage inventory and product traceability >>


Our new Miniliner can be a real time and money saver >>


Customize every label with our Variable Data Printing >>

Tire glue

Adherence is your 1st criteria >>

Étiquettes RPC

RPC labels

Approved for IFCO cases >>

Double-faced tape

Available with various adhesives and widths, Multi-Action’s double-faced tape will meet your needs >>

Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant Labels

Resistant to temperatures between -40ºC and 600ºC (-40ºF and 1112ºF) >>