At Multi-Action, we buy our raw materials directly from the paper mills instead of the manufacturers. That is why we can offer a wide variety of face papers to meet all of your expectations and at very competitive prices.

Here are our most popular papers. Are you looking for a paper that is not on this page? Please contact one of our sales representatives who will do the necessary research with our suppliers and business partners to find the right material for your needs and standards.

Gloss paper

The most popular for your high-quality labels >>

White synthetic

Resistant in humid environments >>

Clear synthetic

Turn the spotlight on your product >>

Synthétique Direct Thermal

Direct thermal synthetic

Resistant, simple and without ink ribbons >>

Direct thermal

For your scale and shipping labels – simple, economic and without ink ribbons >>

Thermal transfer

Your shipping labels can last longer >>


Catch consumer’s attention >>

Cardboard tag

Versatile for a thousand uses >>

Outdoor tag

When durability is not an option >>

Metallized material

 Increase the prestige of your product >>

Corrective material (block out)

The solution to correct mistakes >>


Adherence without glue >>


Ensure security >>